Cutting Down On Smoking

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If you are not fully ready to quit the habit because you still enjoy the occasional smoke.
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If you are not fully ready to quit the habit because you still enjoy the occasional smoke. However, you want to start off slowly with cutting down your daily smoking, then this is for you. Many people believe that cutting down on smoking may lead to quitting completely eventually. 
This Hypnosis is for the individual that likes to go slow and do things on their own terms. Then when you are fully prepared and ready mentally to pull the plug on the Smoking Habit fully be sure to check out the Quit Smoking NOW Hypnosis MP3 

Well to an extent that depends on your needs. Some people find they get what they need from just listening once but continue to listen to their selected download to reinforce the changes or because they just love to relax so much.

But, as a general rule, I recommend you listen to your session once a day for a week, then after that just as often as you feel you need to until you get the benefits you are looking for. However, if you want to listen to it more than once a day, then that’s no problem! To gain the maximum amount of benefit from your Hypnosis Mind Motivation I suggest 30 days continuously. 

Once you have got what you want and need from the session, you can listen to it occasionally when you feel in the need of a ‘top up’ or, as I say, simply to enjoy relaxing. 

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