Meet Jennifer

 Jennifer enjoys living her life purpose as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Intuitive Guide. Jennifer has a gift of insight and loves to enlighten and assist clients with shifting to a higher state of understanding. As a practitioner of the esoteric spiritual world for over 20 years Jennifer assists her clients individual needs to integrate true Holistic Trifecta; Mind, Body and Soul (Subconscious) Connection. Jennifer believes that each persons subconscious mind holds the keys to their true health, and as a Master Hypnotherapist she helps her clients to accomplish their own therapeutic mending through her hypnotherapy practice as well as her personal interactions as Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Guide and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Jennifer is highly motivated to help clients reduce their anxiety, and stress, discover their passion, increase motivation, overcome fears and phobias, and develop true strategies for success and happiness in all areas of their life.

 Jennifer’s many years of education, study and professional private practice as Spiritual Life Coach naturally drew her instincts to hypnotherapy as she has been intuitively guided from a very young age and comes from three generations of gifted intuitive ancestors on her paternal side. She knew that her divine mission is to assist others through personal empowerment and invigoration of the Holistic Trifecta; Mind, Body and Soul connection and Hypnotherapy is key to synthesizing these essential energies.

Jennifer thrives on teaching her clients massive manifestation techniques in conjunction with hypnotherapy to assist her clients with attainment of desires and lifestyles they never thought imaginable. Jennifer creates ease to understanding the Law of Attraction and all Spiritual Laws that govern each and every one of us, and all of the Universe. She explains how they can be used properly to ensure every individual receives their own level of success and accomplishment of personal goals by removing or resolving obstacles and she attains this through the use of Hypnotherapy and Guidance in areas like career, relationships, self mastery, health, habits, sleep, and past life regression.

Hypnotherapy and Hetero-hypnosis has helped Jennifer to remedy her own life by creating healthy life style changes and habit control. The use of hypnotherapy first hand has given her a true understanding of how hypnosis can improve your overall life. Leading Jennifer to her own enlightenment in 2019 as Jennifer reached her personal goal to graduate top of her class from Hypnosis Motivational Institute and blend her modalities and life skills into a successful private practice. She is currently in two locations: Annandale MN, and St. Cloud MN.


Jennifer Matteo – Holtz

Continued Education and My Specialties
•Past Life Regression
•Weight Control
•SMOKING Cessation
•Archetypes and Metaphysical Imagery
•Skype and Phone Hypnotherapy

As a Hypnotherapist, I am not a licensed healthcare provider. Few jurisdictions license or regulate hypnotherapy, however I am not a social worker, psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist or doctor of any kind. Hypnotherapy is for vocational and avocational self-improvement, self-awareness, and personal growth. My services are non-diagnostic and do not include the practice of medicine, or treatment of any illness or disease. They are not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological services or procedures. Hypnosis can be an effective support for some issues that may have an underlying medical or psychological cause. A written referral from your attending licensed healthcare professional will be required to augment any treatment plan prepared by a medical professional. Even after such a referral, your over all progress and wellness must be monitored by licensed healthcare professionals and the consent form you will be given to sign will enable me and your provider to stay in direct contact for your best interests.

Professional Member of the American Hypnotherapy Union #742
March 5, 2019 Certification #49854704 
*Business and Professional Code 2908*

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