Master Skills

Weight Control Hypnotherapy

Weight Control requires will power and motivation. My aim is to build your strong mindset and motivation to help you let go of old habits and build in new habits designed to ensure you lose weight and control it for the long term. Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Motivational Coaching
you will be supported with the goal being that you then continue to manage your weight once your program is completed. As a Certified Yoga Instructor. I understand the importance of health. It is your ultimate wealth in life. This program is 8 weeks long. Weight control is an ongoing process and never a quick solution. In this Hypnotherapy and Movement Motivational Program you will be connected with the tools you need for long term Hypnotherapy Weight Control, Proven Professional PersonalTraining, New Habit Strategies and Life Changing Goals.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is based on the Reincarnation Theory in which the soul survives death and returns to be born again into a new physical body with a new opportunity to progress and grow in knowledge and wisdom. The theory supports the belief that we experience life from the different perspectives of gender, race, religion, wealth, etc. and that our body is the one vehicle we are provided on Earth to fulfill our missions and learn our lessons.
Past Life Regression can be applied to help heal discomforts and understand the destructive patters in your current life. (PLR) can help you to better understand the lessons you are here in this lifetime to focus on mastering. There are many other benefits to (PLR) these include improved mental and physical health, enhanced positive beliefs, understanding your strengths and comprehension of fears/phobias.

Loss & Grief 

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, a friendship, a relationship, or a job? Loss can even be extended to a big lifestyle change. Hypnotherapy can help guide you through all of the stages of loss so that you can complete them faster and with less stress. Sometimes people
can get stuck in a stage and with hypnosis you can keep the momentum moving from denial, to anger, to bargaining, to depression, and to finally acceptance.


Are you looking for a potential partner? Wanting to reignite the spark? Evaluating the validity of your relationship? The Theory of E&P created by the founder of H.M.I., Dr. John Kappas helps you by easily explaining the proven way to understand your own behaviors in relationships, as well as, your partner or potential partner. This is explained by the theory of “The Eight Successful Secrets of Relationships” Whether you are dating, engaged, married, or divorced. Understanding this unique information can help get you and your current or future relationship on the road to growth, happiness, respect and passion. Whether you are searching for a mate or hitting your 20th wedding anniversary. This model can help you too prepare for the best you and your best relationship.


Have you tried everything to quit smoking? Hypnosis is an excellent tool to quit. It can help the habitual and emotional smoker say goodbye to cigarettes for good!!! Hypnosis helps you go beyond the drug to the root the emotional and physical memories in the body that have created the behavior. If you are truly ready to quit and leave cigarettes behind then hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goal. Smoking is ingrained in both your physical body and mind. Quitting for many people means giving up relaxation and possible weight gain. Through the use of Hypnotherapy weight gain can be avoided and relaxation achieved, even while you ease through breaking your smoking habit. Hypnotherapy helps smokers to deal with the subconscious issues that are controlling their actions and causing them to smoke. Leading to a successful and healthy lifestyle.