Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Channeling

Jennifer has been Certified with the American Tarot Guild as a Professional Tarot Intuitive Guide in private practice for over 20 years and Tested by the Best Psychic and Mediums Directory of America. Assisting you will truly genuine ethical and professionally accurate Intuitive Guidance.  

Your Intuitive Guidance and Spirit Session assists you in recognizing the structure of your life currently with visual and cognitive discussion. 

I open each session with a prayer and automatically connect with loved ones on the other side. These messages are only given should you choose to hear the meaningful messages they seek for you to feel and receive.  I give you with evidential and factual information to validate proof of your loved ones spirit still in your existence every moment of life now and forever.  Offering emotional spirit support from grief, loss and mending of emotions with warm messages of unlimited love.

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 After my opening prayer I automatically connect with your Spirit Guides and personal energy of Mind, Body and Spirit. I begin with giving you relevant information for your betterment and understanding.  

This can create an ease of understanding the Spiritual Laws that govern all of the Universe. So that you can quickly and easily work with these Laws instead struggling against them too remove your self limiting beliefs for positive personal changes to achieve true SELF MASTERY. 

The Tarot aids me in showing you visually what I Psychically, Intuitively and Spiritually perceive in your past, present and future circumstances. 

I share with you the incredibly detailed insights of your life. I am known to be very straightforward in a compassionate way.

The intuitive visions I receive, on your behalf, will help illuminate the positive aspects of your pathway in life. Understanding your pathway in life provides clarity to aid you to make choices with confidence and assist you to move forward to fully embody your life’s purpose. This process will help you release the negative energy that is keeping you from your happiness. By Increasing your self Love, Joy, Money, Health, Relationships, Career and Connections to Loved Ones.

This is an eye opening cognitive and verbal way for people to feel in control and receive the assistance they need if Hypnotherapy is not something they are truly comfortable with electing to take part in at this time. 

The time we spend together will give you the gift of positive focus on the CAN DO’s  in your life. Wrapping you up in accurate direction for movement and focus for your life.

Available: in person, video chat, phone call, group sessions, gallery guidance readings in your home and corporate events. Jennifer is available for

in-Person sessions in her Private Practice in Rice, Minnesota and via video chat and cell phone services. I look forward to speaking with you soon and starting our friendship.


Jennifer Matteo – Holtz