A Sneak Peak Into Jennifer’s Home Office……

Located on the Magnificent Mississippi River in Rice Minnesota is the most peaceful and serene place to experience profound, rapid, relaxing and transformational Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Guidance Services.  This private practice is warm,  cozy, and inviting.  

The custom built black granite desk and the beautiful strong, sturdy, plush grey bench call you to sit comfortably while you have your initial Hypnotherapy Consultation or Intuitive Guidance Services with Jennifer.

This rich and inviting space is so balanced allowing you to easily feel at peace with Jennifer trusting your life experiences and concerns will be handled 100% professionally, confidentially and with genuine heartfelt connection.
 After your initial consultation and agreed upon services. You will be invited to comfortably rest back in the state of the art power reclining chair. This Hypnotherapy chair smoothly and electronically folds back to your own personal comfort level of reclination. As the lights dim softly in the private cherry wood and granite office. You find yourself relaxing deeply.  Allow the harmonious light weight noise buffering head phones to fill your ears with binaural blissful brain balancing meditation music. You will hear Jennifer‘s voice peaceful guided you through your own personalized hypnotic suggestions designed specifically for your life transformation  from a safe distance away Jennifer leads you into your subconscious reprogramming for rapid results.  
After your hypnotic experience Jennifer brings you back to balance and invites you to feel free to take ample time to process your experience with a cool glass of water or tea in the sitting room across the hall to make sure you are completely alert before driving. A stunning black granite rest room to  refresh yourself is provided on site. 
Now you are alert and able to book your important next appointment before you are gently guided to your transportation sitting just a few steps away in a private parking area among the ferns outside. 

*Select Sessions and All Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions receive a professionally recorded MP3 distributed directly to your email or cell phone after your services are completed.